Extraordinary source of protein

Langostino lobster tails

CamSac A/S provides you with extraordinary langostinos that have a unique taste and consistency. Our langostino lobster tails come from the Bío Bío region in Chile, where our long-term supplier and partner, Camanchaca, is based.


Langostino experts

Chile is a world leader in fish production and our suppliers have comprehensive experience in producing delicious high-quality langostino. Their expertise and know-how and fish and shellfish production ensure that we can provide you with the best possible products.


Delicious lobster tails

The delicious tails are supplied pre-cooked, so they are easy to handle and prepare in different dishes around the world. Both yellow and red langostino tails are available, each with their own unique taste and consistency.

Our langostinos are available as:


  • 70/90 u/lb
  • 90/120 u/lb
  • 120/150 u/lb
  • 150/200 u/lb

Quality: Premium
Shell life: 24 months
Glazed: 10%, compensated
Packing: IQF, 4 x 2,50 kg per master-carton.


Any questions?

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