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CamSac-Lauge Seafood A/S

The company was founded in 1993, by Henrik Lauge Jørgensen, as a privately owned trading company. Based on nearly 20 years of experience in fishbusiness and trade agreements with Chile, Cia Pesquera Camanchaca, as well as Greenland, the company supply different fish and shellfish products.

Since then, CamSac-Lauge Seafood A/S has become very well established on the European market, with high-quality products from South America, North America and Asia. All suppliers are carefully selected and we are proud to say, that all are highly recommended companies. All with one goal: ”to build long-term relationships, based on quality, trust and genuine collaboration.”

Following these basic guidelines, we judge our success, not by the number of suppliers and customers we have, but by the quality of these companies. In 1996 CamSac-Lauge Seafood A/S was turned into a limited company, with Henrik Lauge Jørgensen as sole shareholder.

CamSac-Lauge Seafood A/S is certified by MSC and approved to provide you with several kinds of MSC certified seafood products. The MSC Chain of Custody Standard ensures traceability, meaning our ecolabel is only displayed on seafood from an MSC certified sustainable fishery. CamSac-Lauge Seafood A/S’s certification code is MSC-C-54624

CamSac-Lauge Seafood A/S is also certified by ASC and approved to provide you with several kinds of ASC certified seafood products. CamSac-Lauge Seafood A/S’s certification code is ASC-C-02656

CVR number: DK 19 34 39 79

CamSac A/S

In 1999 we separated one part of the business, Cia Pesquera Camanchaca, from Seafood Action Center A/S – into a new limited company CamSac A/S. CamSac A/S therefore is working only on behalf of Cia Pesquera Camanchaca in Chile. Products from other parts of the world are still being handled by Seafood Action Center A/S.

The collaboration has proven very successful. Prime customers all over Europe are today enjoying high-quality products from Cia Pesquera Camanchaca. The growth in sales has been very dramatic and encouraging.

The seperation of all Camanchaca business from Seafood Action Center A/S has been decided also to strengthen the marketing of the Camanchaca products and to simplify the business. Cia Pesquera Camanchaca is the biggest privately owned fish and shellfish company in Chile. The 25 vessels fishing fleet is plying the Chilean waters for, lobster tails (langostinos) and horse mackerel. The farming and processing of salmon, trout, mussels is making the company complete.

Huge investments over the past years mean that every production facility is up to all European standards.  The mussel fabric in Chiloe is BRC approved by SGS, and all production of the Camanchaca products is HACCP-quality certified by the National Fisheries Service of Chile, Sernapesca.

CVR-number: DK 24 21 15 33

Camanchaca productions:
“No compromise exists. The goal is always the same – to produce top-quality fish and shellfish. There is no compromise.”

“Our goal is always to provide you with delicious fish and shellfish of the highest quality.”

Our expertise:
  1. Suppliers of top-class fish and shellfish
  2. More than 20 years of experience
  3. Reliable long-term relationships
  4. No compromise on quality
  5. Socially responsible

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We want to ensure that you get top-class fish and shellfish based on trust and transparent collaboration with our talented suppliers.

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