Juicy & rich in minerals

Whole shell mussels (Mytilus Chilensis)

Seafood Action Center A/S and CamSac A/S provide you with mussels that have unique taste and quality. We set high standards and stringent requirements for our suppliers, which is why we can provide a 100% natural product.


Mussels from Chile

Our mussels are grown in the cold, crystal clear waters that surround the island of Chiloé, located in southern Chile. The location provides the ideal conditions for growing large and delicious mussels, because the water contains high levels of nutrients and is free of pollution.


Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals

Not only do we provide you with mussels that have unique taste and consistency, our mussels are also rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, iron and iodine.

See below for whole mussels and retail mussels options:

Frozen whole shell mussels (Mytilus Chilensis):


  • 44-77 unit per. kg.

Quality: Premium
Shell life: 24 months
Food service packing: The standard packing is 5 x 1kg vacuum packed per master-carton in neutral or own brand.
Retail packing: The standard packing is 10 x 450 gram vacuum packed per master-carton.


  • Au Natural box
  • Butter/Garlic box
  • Tomato/Garlic box
  • White Wine box

(Sauces are based on customers request)


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