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Salmon blocks

You always get the best quality from us. Salmon that has grown in pristine fjords and channels in Chilean Patagonia, where production conditions are optimal for rearing fish. The waters around southern Chile contain huge amounts of nutrients, have ideal oxygenation conditions and the water’s temperature conditions are stable.


Years of experience with salmon blocks

Chilean salmon blocks are considered the best in the industry because of Chile’s many years of experience in producing square salmon blocks free of voids. In other words, you get salmon blocks made from top-class salmon from sea regions reserved for sea fishery.

At the same time, this ensures that fishing activities develop under safe conditions, above all for the people who work in the fishing industry.

Different types of salmon

Shown below are the different types of salmon blocks that we supply:

  • Filet blocks
  • Bits and pieces blocks
  • Scrape meat blocks

Weight: 481 mm.  Width: 253 mm.  Thickness: 60 mm.
Quality: Premium
Shell life: 24 months
Packing: 3 x 7,50 kg blocks per master-carton


More information

If you would like to learn more about our salmon or want more information about any of our products, then please contact us.